How to file?

Simply file your federal tax return with IRS Form 1040 (click here), 1040A (click here) OR 1040EZ (click here).

Click here for a free tool you can use to help you file your taxes electronically.

  • You can always use Form 1040, regardless of whether you qualify to use 1040A or 1040EZ, which are just simplified, shorter versions of Form 1040.
  • For more information on which form you should choose, click here.


If you have a qualifying child (click here to find out if you do), you must file:

  1. The Schedule EIC (click here) and
  2. Either the Form 1040A OR the Form 1040.

If you do not have a qualifying child (click here for the three conditions you must meet in this case), you must file:

  1. Form 1040EZ OR
  2. Form 1040A OR
  3. Form 1040 OR


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